CareER Disability Inclusion Index and Inclusive Recruitment Fair

This year, Swire Properties continued our participation in the CareER Disability Inclusion Index. This index helps organisations create a structured framework of disability inclusion strategies to meet their various ESG objectives. We provided data for the index and received results in October 2022. Swire Properties received higher than average ratings across the board, with particularly high marks in recruitment and accommodation and adjustment. Our results were also significantly higher than in 2021, indicating that our new D&I initiatives are bearing fruit.
Swire Hotels participated in the Inclusive Recruitment Fair 2022 organised by CareER in Hong Kong. At the event, Swire Hotels promoted job opportunities to highly educated students and graduates with disabilities and special needs.

Internships for Minority Students

In the summer of 2022, Swire Properties worked with the Zubin Foundation and the Amber Foundation to provide internship opportunities to students from ethnic minority groups. Four university students joined us as interns, with two working in our legal department, one in our Taikoo Place management office and one in Blueprint.

The UPSTAIRS Programme

2022 marked the fourth year of The Upper House’s collaboration with the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association (“HKDSA”) in the UPSTAIRS programme, which creates training and work experience opportunities for Down Syndrome individuals. This year saw 10 HKDSA members attached to five departments during the month-long programme.
After a briefing by HKDSA social workers about Down Syndrome, our team members then worked alongside the HKDSA members for the month, learning about the challenges Down Syndrome individuals face when performing daily tasks. This positive, inclusive programme brought joy and camaraderie to everyone who participated.

Age Inclusion Workshop

Age is one of the five diversity focus areas at Swire Properties, part of our pledge to create an age-neutral, multi-generational workplace. To increase awareness about the benefits of such a workplace, we arranged an age inclusion Lunch and Learn workshop called “Purpose Through the Ages” led by a leadership coach. Various discussions and exercises helped the participants discover how values and purposes evolve as one moves through different life stages, and learn how to connect with colleagues of all ages in order to develop greater empathy for others and create a more inclusive environment.

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