We aim to operate and maintain our buildings and workspaces in ways that promote occupant health and wellbeing.
The relevant SDG is:


Ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing.
On top of numerous physical and mental health and wellbeing considerations, we also design and construct our buildings to enhance visual comfort through the use of natural daylight, glare indices and diverse types of lighting, at the same time minimising the adverse impacts of external lighting, such as sky glow, source intensity and building luminance. We also consider acoustic impacts throughout the design, construction and operational phases of our buildings. We are gradually installing UVC lamps in the air handling units across our portfolios. As at 31 December, this upgrade has been completed for over 650 units in Taikoo Place to help with sterilisation and improve IAQ.
Apart from monitoring occupant wellbeing in existing buildings, we also incorporate wellness features and initiatives in our new development projects.

IAQ Initiatives in 2022

Indoor air quality has always been important to Swire Properties and our tenants and customers. In a post COVID-19 world, having clean, sanitary indoor air to breathe is a top concern for most people. We are actively working to meet and exceed air quality guidelines at all our properties.
In 2022, we installed a continuous IAQ monitoring system and improved HVAC controls in the common areas of all buildings at Taikoo Place and Pacific Place, Cityplaza and Citygate Outlets. The sensors were installed at various locations in the shopping arcade and office lobbies, measuring and displaying temperature, relative humidity, CO2, TVOCs, PM2.5, PM10, CO and O3. The data is closely monitored by our facility management team to ensure good thermal comfort.
Since its opening in 2011, INDIGO has continuously improved indoor air quality. In 2022, the ONE INDIGO office building was awarded RESET® Air standard certification – the first office building in China to obtain “RESET® Air v2 Commercial Interior” certification for the overall public area. The assessment items include fine particulate matter, TVOCs, carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity.

Swire Properties
Sustainability Report 2023
is released.

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