Swire Properties continues to develop residential projects in Hong Kong and in other locations. While some of these projects, such as WHITESANDS and ALASSIO, have been developed for sale, others, such as our Pacific Place Apartments and EAST Residences, continue to be managed by the Company. In 2022, we continued on our newest residential development, the EIGHT STAR STREET project located in Wan Chai’s Starstreet Precinct.

Enhancing Environmental Partnership with Residential Owners and Residents

In late 2020, Swire Properties reactivated our Residential Sustainability Taskforce, which encompasses the 21 residential properties that we currently own or manage. The taskforce’s aim is to discuss and calibrate a unified approach towards SD issues for these properties.
In 2022, the taskforce coordinated on topics such as cleaning contractor management, SD data collection, preparations for municipal solid waste charging, enrolment into new government and NGO programmes, and the exchange of best practices.
Several projects were completed in 2022:
  • All 21 estates participated in a detailed mapping of their electricity meters, water meters and waste recycling channels and began reporting electricity usage, water consumption and waste generation data in the Company’s central SD data platform.
  • Nineteen estates signed up to the Hong Kong government’s GREEN COLLECT programme, a one-stop recyclables collection service for various low-value recyclables, including plastics, glass bottles, small electrical appliances, and others.
  • One estate participated in a Municipal Solid Waste Charging Trial Scheme between May and October 2022, where 560 residents from four residential towers were encouraged to dispose of waste using designated garbage bags provided by the government and utilising the estate’s recycling facilities.

Ham Tin Villas – Connecting Residents with Nature

The newly renovated Ham Tin Villas on Lantau Island prioritise sustainability and connections with nature. Each house features a private garden ranging in size from 3,700 sq ft to 5,700 sq ft, while each master bedroom has access to an outdoor rooftop terrace.
The landscape design includes an aesthetically pleasing man-made creek which also absorbs runoff from heavy rain to prevent flooding. We also took pains to preserve the area’s natural heritage: a 100-year-old banyan tree and other trees and boulders were preserved and retained in their original positions, and all the plant species on the site are native to Hong Kong.

Swire Properties
Sustainability Report 2023
is released.

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