The House Collective is a group of refined, highly individual properties. Each house is unique, and created by talented creatives to reflect the unique qualities of their surroundings.
EAST Hotels are lifestyle hotels that are bright, energetic and inspiring, bringing their community and sustainability-orientated mindset to the most dynamic areas of their cities.
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The mission of Swire Hotels is to create authentic, unscripted and unforgettable experiences across its two brands: The House Collective and EAST. The Group manages distinctive hotels in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland for travellers who seek originality, style and personalised service.
The House Collective is a group of refined, highly individual properties. Each House is unique, and created by talented architects and creatives to reflect the unique qualities of their surroundings. The EAST brand consists of lifestyle hotels that are bright, energetic and inspiring, bringing their community and sustainability-oriented mindset to the most dynamic areas of their cities. Both brands have their own approaches to putting SD into action, which mirror their individual, original DNA.
Encouraging Creativity and Innovation for our 50TH Anniversary
As part of Swire Hotel's commitment to innovation and creative transformation, the EAST brand has launched the “Ideas To Wake Up To” speaker series. This series is periodically hosted across all EAST hotels, bringing together like-minded business leaders and creatives to connect, co-create, learn, and spark new ideas. In 2022, three sessions were hosted with one in Hong Kong and two in Miami, all centred around topics pertaining to sustainable development (“SD”).
The Think Differently Awards were launched across Swire Hotels in 2021 to encourage all team members to share their innovative and interesting ideas. In 2022, the awards were focused on SD spanning three themes: water conservation, energy conservation and waste management. A total of 164 submissions were received.
Both the “Ideas To Wake Up To” speaker series and the Think Differently Awards reflect the spirit of originality that Swire Properties celebrated during our 50th anniversary.
Five Pillars
The House Collective runs a biennial art programme called “Encounters Across Cultures”. Every two years, a new series of art pieces tells the story of each House...
Health and Safety
In line with Swire Properties’ Zero Harm Commitment to the health and safety of our people, guests and other stakeholders, The House Collective ran...
This year, Swire Hotels introduced several digital improvements to our services designed to streamline and personalise the guest experience and make...
Hotel Sustainability Technical Guidelines
In 2022, we rolled out new Hotel Sustainability Technical Guidelines. These incorporate Swire Hotels’...
Expanding The House Collective brand
Swire Hotels consistently sets benchmarks for success and continuously works to attract guests, visitors and diners through high-quality experiences. In 2022...
In 2021, the entire Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu complex, including The Temple House, became powered by 100% renewable electricity (a mix of...
At EAST Hong Kong, our Community Ambassadors continued a charity initiative launched in 2020 – the “A Spoonful of Love” campaign, which raises money for...
Waste Reduction
This year, we intensified our commitment to reducing single-use plastics. In line with Swire Hotels’ vision, a wide range of initiatives have been implemented to...
Internal Zero Lost Time Injury Rate (“LTIR”) Awards
The Opposite House - 500, EAST Beijing - 500 Days, The Temple House - 180 Days, EAST Hong Kong and EAST Residences Hong Kong - 180 Days
In 2022, Swire Hotels worked to incorporate the updated Swire Pacific Sustainable Procurement Policy and...
All our hotels offer unique and comprehensive wellness programmes for guests and staff alike. The Upper House offers wellness residencies in Hong Kong, featuring holistic therapies, yoga and meditation sessions, fitness...
Partnering with a Brewery to Save Bread – and Make Beer!
EAST Hong Kong has partnered with a local craft brewery in Hong Kong. The brewery takes leftover fresh-baked goods from the hotel’s Domain Café and uses it to make...
Diversity and Inclusion
In June 2022, in cooperation with Christian Action, our EAST Hong Kong operation hired two team members with refugee identities. One, from Sri Lanka, was hired...
The Middle House joined an annual water balance testing programme. The hotel’s engineering team installed six water meters in guest room areas, all...
Between February to October 2022, EAST Hong Kong became a designated quarantine hotel to support the government’s quarantine arrangements for inbound persons from overseas – a crucial part of the city’s...
Talent Management
This year, we launched our Operations Management Trainee Programme throughout the Swire Hotels portfolio. Personalised according to a candidate’s...
Green Kitchens
The restaurant has installed and initiated numerous waste reduction measures: Kitchen waste from all outlets is sorted. ORCA technology is then used to turn up to 270kg of food waste daily into liquid that can be...
Staff Engagement
Regular activities were held throughout the year across all Swire Hotels properties to boost staff morale and share positive news updates. The Middle House hosted two...
Swire Hotels offers employee assistance programmes to help its team members avoid, recognise and resolve...
At The Upper House, our ongoing soap recycling programme collected 387kg of bathroom amenities for an NGO. Its mission is to collect lightly used soap and...

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