Our policies clearly set out our environmental principles, approaches and commitments.

Environmental Policy

This policy sets out the principles underpinning our approach to managing and reducing the environmental impacts arising from our operations.

Climate Change Policy

Climate change poses significant risks to our business. This policy outlines our commitment to managing climate change risks across our operations, and developing mitigation, adaptation and resilience strategies to address these risks.

Energy Policy

This policy outlines our approach to energy management, which involves integrating energy efficiency considerations over the lifecycle of our developments by adopting appropriate technologies and influencing the behaviour of our tenants, employees and others with whom we work.

Resource and Circularity Policy

This policy guides our approaches to reducing waste, from the design and construction phases of our projects to the daily operation and management of our buildings.

Water Policy

We conducted a review of our Water Policy in 2022 to ensure alignment with regulations and to better reflect water-related issues that are material to Swire Properties.
The policy has been updated to strengthen our commitments around the responsible use of water. This includes understanding the water risk at the locations of our developments, reducing water-consumption intensity through improved design, implementing efficient water management measures during operations, ensuring that water is discharged into the environment safely, and engaging our stakeholders to encourage the responsible consumption of water.

Biodiversity Policy

We conducted a review of our Biodiversity Policy in 2022 to ensure that the policy reflects biodiversity-related issues that are material to Swire Properties. During the review, no new material biodiversity issues were identified and as such, no updates to the policy were made.
This policy sets out how we incorporate biodiversity considerations into our operations by minimising the adverse impacts of our operations on biodiversity and ecosystems, supporting appropriate biodiversity and conservation initiatives, promoting awareness of biodiversity and conservation issues, and other measures.
By gross floor area (GFA).

Swire Properties
Sustainability Report 2023
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