As in previous years, in pursuit of ever-better energy performance, Swire Properties continued to perform technical upgrades at all our properties. These included:

Energy Valve Installation at Citygate Outlets

We installed energy valves at the main chilled water supply zones and in the offices and shops of Citygate Outlets to optimise energy use by controlling chilled water temperatures and preventing overcooling of occupied areas. These valves enable flow control and delta temperature control of the chilled water system, which will in turn produce a better energy performance. They will also accumulate operational data for analysis and verification. This ongoing project will cover all zones of the Citygate mall and offices by 2026.

Electrically-commutated (“EC”) Motor Plug Fan Retrofits Across Our Properties

Centrifugal fans in air handling units (“AHUs”) at Taikoo Place, Cityplaza, Pacific Place, Citygate, Island Place Mall and Taikoo Hui Guangzhou were replaced with electrically-commutated (“EC”) plug fans that achieve better energy performance and produce less noise and vibration. These fans are estimated to reduce fan power consumption by 20 to 30%.

Conversion to Variable Primary Flows in our Chilled Water Systems

At Cityplaza, we have converted our chilled water system from constant-primary variable-secondary to a variable-primary flow system. The new system eliminates a set of pumps and eliminates the possibility of low delta temperature syndrome, thus reducing the energy consumption of the overall chilled water distribution system. This conversion is expected to save 220,000 kWh per year.

Replacement of High-efficiency Air-cooled Chillers

We completed the replacement of two air-cooled chillers at Berkshire House, which is expected to save 249,000 kWh per year.

Installation of an Automatic Chiller Condenser Tube Cleaning System

We completed the installation of automatic chiller condenser tube cleaning system for all chillers at Devon House, which is served by seawater, thus improving its heat transfer efficiency. This is expected to reduce energy consumption by 384,000 kWh per year.

Chiller Replacement Project at Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

One light duty chiller was replaced with a more energy-efficient variable speed drive chiller in April 2022, which will save about 100,000 kWh of electricity per year.

Smart Power Management System at Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

Smart power management systems improve both power management and safety by making the power supply more reliable. In turn, this creates efficiencies and frees up technicians to perform other important tasks. At Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, the new smart power management system began operating in December 2022, providing real-time data monitoring and failure alerts, and giving easy-to-enact precautions to operators.

Energy-saving Retrofits at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou

At Taikoo Hui Guangzhou, two projects created significant energy savings this year. The installation of a variable-speed drive cooling tower will save around 50,000kWh per year; while eight centrifugal fans in primary air units (“PAUs”) and AHUs were replaced with EC plug fans, which are highly efficient, have a long life, and produce low noise and vibration. These new plug fans will save around 100,000kWh per year.

Replacing Fluorescent Lighting with LEDs at Swire Hotels

At The Upper House, the team replaced 88 fluorescent light tubes with LED lights in the guest floor light boxes. The fluorescent lights were 28W, while the new LED lights are 12W. This will create savings of over 12,000 kWh per year.
At some of our Pacific Place Apartments, we replaced 26W fluorescent light tubes in the emergency staircases with 10W LED lights. Altogether, 118 lights were replaced which will save over 21,000kWh annually.

Chiller Replacement at The Opposite House

In April 2022, the screw-type chiller was replaced by an oil-free chiller. This replacement will save approximately 150,000 kWh per year.

Carbon Management in Our Hotels

Our Hotels use solar energy to heat up water in their kitchens, and have induction cookers, variable speed controls for kitchen exhaust fans, heat recovery functions for gas cooking stoves, and electric conveyor dishwashers to maximise kitchen energy efficiency.
Electric cooking reduces energy use between 20% and 50% when compared to traditional gas cooking. LED lights are installed in all kitchens, which consume between 35% and 50% less energy than fluorescent tubes and last twice as long. The restaurants’ sustainable food sourcing initiatives prioritise procuring food ingredients from local or regional sources to reduce our overall carbon footprint. All House Collective hotels maintain a consistent auditing system to identify energy efficiency improvement opportunities.

New Lighting at EAST Hong Kong

In 2022, we completed replacing the decorative lighting in guest rooms at EAST Hong Kong to LED, reducing decorative lighting energy consumption by 141,000kWh, or 60%. EAST Hong Kong has dimming systems in the lobby and restaurants to provide adequate lighting level with less power consumption; while motion sensors are in use in the hotel’s gym between 11pm-6am daily, which automatically switch off lighting and TVs if the gym is unoccupied. The hotel also participates in Hong Kong government’s Charter on External Light, in which external decorative lighting on the property is switched off daily from 10:45pm to 5:30pm the next day to save energy.

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