For our EIGHT STAR STREET residential development, we partnered with NUS in a first-of-its-kind whole lifecycle carbon assessment for a residential building. In addition to calculating upfront embodied carbon emissions, as we have done for our recent commercial projects – One Taikoo Place, Two Taikoo Place and Six Pacific Place – in this assessment, NUS also developed a 3D BIM model to simulate energy consumption and estimate the lifecycle operational carbon emissions for this 21-storey residential building with retail shops and amenities on the lower ground, ground and first floors.
The study predicted the building's lifecycle carbon emissions as below:

Breakdown of EIGHT STAR STREET residential development's lifecycle carbon emissions

Upfront carbon 34 : 31% Operational carbon 33 : 69% Rebar: 59% Concrete: 35% Aluminium: 3% Others (including on-site electricity use, timber and glass): 3%
Operational carbon is being calculated assuming a 50-years operational lifespan. Data estimates are being made using DesignBuilder’s energy simulation with reference to 1.5°C Net-Zero World Scenario.
Upfront carbon includes carbon emissions associated with raw material acquisition, manufacturing, transportation, construction and installation.
The study also explored how different design considerations might affect the building lifecycle carbon emissions:
  • Low-carbon construction materials: the use of low-carbon concrete (with pulverised fuel ash or ground granulated blast furnace slag), rebar and structural steel with recycled content, and green hydrogen steel
  • Structural optimisation to reduce material use and associated carbon footprint
  • The adoption of Modular integrated Construction (“MiC”) and Design for Manufacture and Assembly (“DfMA”)
Findings from the study is published as an academic paper at MDPI.
In 2022, Swire Properties started to collect electricity, water and waste data for selected existing residential buildings. These data will deepen our understanding of our energy consumption patterns of our residential portfolio and identify opportunities for improvement in future.

Swire Properties
Sustainability Report 2023
is released.

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