Employee Wellness Programme

All through 2022, the Swire Properties Employee Wellness Programme held activities and initiatives to boost health and happiness. These included the “Small Changes that Change Everything” workshop in February, in which experts explained how to make tiny behavioural changes that can slowly become habits to help people achieve goals like losing weight, de-stressing, sleeping better or being more productive.

Online Wellness Sharing

Online sharing sessions held in June focused on various mind and body wellness topics, such as “Caring for Your Eyes” – discussing the causes of common eye diseases and exercises that can prevent them; “Loving Monday” – sharing tips on how to boost energy and engage in positive thinking during the work week; and “The Science of Wellbeing” – discussing strategies on how to generate positivity in relationships, during challenges and at work.

Photography Exhibition

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, in July we arranged two guided tours to the “Recovery, Resilience, Resurgence” photography exhibition to give our staff a glimpse of Hong Kong’s story from recovery to resilience through the lenses of three photographers whose work spanned the 1940s to the 1970s.

50A Family Fun Day

To celebrate Swire Properties’ 50th anniversary and the start of the festive season, we held a 50A Family Fun Day called “Party in SPROPS City” on 2 December 2022. Over 600 participants, including colleagues from all levels and their families and friends, participated in various games, arts and crafts workshops featuring gingerbread decoration, Christmas ornaments design and suncatcher candles making, and the parade.

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