As part of our commitment to innovation and experimentation, Swire Properties’ ongoing digital transformation aims to improve digital connectivity, incorporate cutting-edge technologies, create efficiencies and cost savings, and reduce waste across our operations.
As a measure of the success of this transformation, this year we received the highest level of certification from two global digital connectivity benchmarks: WiredScore, which assesses the ability of a building to meet the needs of the modern office tenant; and SmartScore, which certifies best-in-class smart buildings that deliver a fully integrated user experience through a modern, digital platform to improve efficiency and are fully future-proofed to meet the highest standards of sustainability.
Taikoo Place and Pacific Place are now the first WiredScore-certified portfolios in Hong Kong, with 15 commercial buildings certified, while Two Taikoo Place and Six Pacific Place are the first buildings in Hong Kong to be both WiredScore and SmartScore Platinum certified – this is an impressive achievement, as only 0.6% of buildings assessed by these schemes have globally obtained a Platinum rating.

Tenant Portal

Our tenant portal is a website through which our tenants can make facility management requests, view e-debit notes and circulars, and get in touch with the administration and other important contacts. After making a request, work orders are automatically generated. This digitised process reduces paper use and saves data input time.
In 2021, new features were added to the portal, including the piloting of the facilities maintenance feature at Taikoo Place which offers a digital alternative to submitting and tracking facilities maintenance requests. All requests made through the system are logged and can be reviewed at any time.
The tenant portal is now accessible to all office tenants and retail tenants. In 2022, we began to develop an upgraded version of the tenant portal which incorporate new features to capture tenant's energy and waste data and track performance against the GPP. Features related to the GPP will be progressively enhanced to support data sharing, benchmarking and gamification.
Representatives from our information technology department, technical services and sustainable development department and portfolio management teams meet regularly to ensure that the portal meets evolving tenant engagement and sustainability needs.

Smart Resource Conservation through Technology

2022 saw an increase in the use of smart technology throughout our properties. We continued working with three tenants on the Smart Power Metering System pilot programme that is allowing landlords and tenants to continuously review energy consumption patterns, identify potential energy savings and drive behavioural change.
To promote water efficiency and raise awareness about the importance of conserving water, we completed the installation of wireless water sub-meters for office tenants in Taikoo Place and Citygate, and began installation works in Pacific Place. In Taikoo Place, we also began to proactively helping tenants review the efficiency of their water fittings and make simple retrofits to reduce their faucets’ flow rate.
While waste measurement usually involves manual weighing and recording, we continue to embrace emerging technologies that can digitalise the waste data collection process. In 2021, with the support of the Swire Pacific SD Fund, we launched the Smart Waste Reduction Challenge, where smart scales are retrofitted underneath bins inside tenants’ premises to collect waste data. In 2022, the Challenge welcomed more tenants. In parallel, we also began a Smart Mobile Scale Pilot programme, in which cleaning contractors are provided with a designated cloud-connected scale with which they weigh and record tenants’ waste in the back-of-house area.
We will continue to identify, evaluate and expand approaches that promote data sharing and help all parties cut down on energy, water and waste in the hopes of deepening collaboration with our tenants.

Swire Properties
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