Swire Properties believes in keeping our investors properly informed of our operations and plans, and in being transparent and proactively communicating with them about all matters, both financial and those related to sustainability.

Shareholders’ Communication Policy

We believe that promoting and maintaining effective communication can enhance long-term shareholder value and maintain trust and confidence with our shareholders.
The Shareholders’ Communication Policy was developed with the aims to ensure that our shareholders and investment community are provided with appropriate and timely access to material information about our Company and our subsidiaries.
The Company commits to maintain regular dialogue with our shareholders and the investment community through channels such as the Company’s financial reports (interim and annual reports), sustainable development reports, circular and annual general meetings.
Information of the Company (which can include corporate information, press releases, financial reports, results announcements, sustainable development reports, circulars and notice of general meetings, constitutional documents etc.) will be made available on the website of the Company and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (“HKEx”). Shareholders can access the information of the Company in both English and Chinese versions to facilitate shareholders’ understanding. The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing this policy, recommending changes and addressing issues of concern.

Keeping our Investors Updated and Informed

Since 2019, we have held ESG update sessions specifically for investors and analysts. Due to pandemic-related restrictions, instead of in-person events, we have held webinars for our debt and equity investors since mid-2020. These have been attended by 120 investors and analysts in total. At these webinars, senior management provides updates on the company’s latest developments and sustainability-related achievements.
A similar situation prevailed in 2022. We held an ESG webinar in June, sharing the Company’s latest sustainable development updates and including a comprehensive question-and-answer session. The webinar kept investors up to date on our sustainable development strategy and achievements, our performance on various SD indices and updates broken down by the pillars of our SD Strategy, while the question-and-answer session allowed us to maintain a transparent, open dialogue with our investors.

Swire Properties
Sustainability Report 2023
is released.

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