+UP! Better Living Pop-ups

Taikoo Place held new versions of its popular “+UP! Better Living Pop-ups” events campaign at its multipurpose space ArtisTree in October and November 2022. This series of wellness-inspired programmes was curated to introduce the idea of a “work-life balance lifestyle” to people working in the Taikoo Place community by providing the support they need to relax and restore themselves both physically and mentally. These events are part of placemaking efforts that create unique beyond-the-office experiences by harnessing the power of workplace wellbeing. These events included:
  • A wellness pop-up at ArtisTree offering a range of self-care-focused lifestyle products including organic fashion items, haircare, candles, incense and herbal drinks.
  • A “Sounditation Journey” that combined visual arts, healing sounds and meditation conducted by a local renowned singing bowl artist that offered one-of-a-kind “sounditation” experience in an immersive multimedia setting.
  • A series of fitness classes including yoga, pilates and high-intensity full-body workout sessions designed to help people create personal fitness regimes to build muscle strength and release everyday stress.
  • Two Corporate Wellness Challenge events – a two-day indoor golf tournament an eight-Hour Charity Spin. Both events aimed to build community spirit and create positive, healthy workplaces and carry a charity cause to providing support for mental health and well-being. Our Taikoo Place tenant partners gave a charity cause to support mental health and well-being.. Over HKD500,000 was raised, of which HKD350,000 was donated by Swire Properties.

One Citygate Tenants Wellness X ESG Programme

The One Citygate Tenant Wellness X ESG Programme workshops, launched in 2022, aimed to raise awareness of sustainable development and build a community for One Citygate employees and tenants. Four workshops were held during the year.
In May, the “Rooftop Yoga for Office Workers” workshop was co-organised with several office tenants and our SD partner, which sponsored free yoga mats tailor-made from recycled plastic. Employees from four offices took part.
In July, the “Craft Coffee Workshop” was held with participants from six offices who tasted various specialty coffees and learnt how to hand brew coffee, with the Q grader instructor (a certified coffee professional) and assistants coming from a non-profit organisation that trains underprivileged young people to become professional baristas.
August marked an underwater clean-up diving event, in which 19 participants from six different offices took part in a “ghost net hunting dive” to clean up underwater trash in Sai Kung. Participants learnt about marine environmental protection and extracted a large ghost net – these are abandoned fishing nets that drift through the water, causing harm to marine biodiversity.
In December, to celebrate Christmas and wrap up the year, we held a whisky tasting workshop for One Citygate tenants. Forty participants gathered at the Pavilion bar in the Silveri Hotel and enjoyed several types of whisky from around the world presented by a professional mixologist. After the workshop, our tenants enjoyed casual networking time with each other over snacks and drinks.

Project After 6

Launched in 2014, PROJECT AFTER 6 is an engagement programme that strengthens connections between office workers by bringing art, music and entertainment into their work environments and tapping into their unexplored talents. The programme helps cultivate a pleasant, cohesive working environment and creates positive impacts for our tenants and their employees, leading to a more integrated community and greater business success.
The 2022 version of PROJECT AFTER 6 saw Taikoo Place host five consecutive days of exclusive mini-music concerts at ArtisTree. This year’s programme aimed to have celebrities share their love and experience of on-stage performance with our tenant performers. Themed “Share the Light, Share the Stage”, we encouraged PROJECT AFTER 6 alumni from past years to act as mentors for this year’s new musicians.
After online auditions were held for Taikoo Place tenants, 15 shortlisted musicians were selected to perform with 10 celebrity singers and groups. The concerts proved to be popular as usual, with all tickets selling out within five hours of the promotion being announced. Over 1,100 tenants from 71 companies attended, with social media reach extending to 2.2 million people.
This year’s PROJECT AFTER 6 reinforced Taikoo Place’s placemaking commitment, further deepened our already-strong landlord-tenant relationships and encouraged work-life balance in the Taikoo Place office community.

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