• The complex features a unique “fast lane and slow lane” retail concept, rooted in the sociable, pedestrian-friendly culture and lifestyle of Chengdu. Three “fast lanes” showcasing international brands’ flagships and concept stores link the east and west plazas, while cafés, teahouses and lifestyle shops are the highlight of the “slow lanes” that weave roughly north and south through the complex surrounding Daci Temple, demonstrating the “slow life” culture of Chengdu.
  • With multiple entrances and exits, the open space and public areas support social interaction throughout the development and allow for flexibility of activities – visitors can enjoy the park, sit and chat or read in one of the pedestrianised laneways, play with their children in the plazas, enjoy the water features, and visit the Daci Temple for spiritual inspiration.
  • The Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu management team have spearheaded efforts to improve walkability and connectivity in the neighbourhood, including enhancing street fencing and adding a street crossing to make this area of Chengdu safer and more human-centric.

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