• The complex, including The Temple House hotel, is powered by 100% renewable electricity (including hydropower, solar and wind power), making it into a clean energy leader – one of the first entities in Sichuan and the first in Swire Properties to achieve net-zero carbon in its annual electricity consumption for landlord and tenant operations. This has reduced the overall CO2 emissions from Swire Properties’ Chengdu portfolio by around 8,500 tonnes per year and increased the renewable electricity mix in our Chinese Mainland developments to over 15%.
  • The nature of Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu’s open-plan outdoor layout is such that many ground floor shops operate with open doors to encourage visitors to enter. Working with Tsinghua University through the Joint Research Centre for Building Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, devising computational fluid dynamics simulations to understand the air distribution under this “open door” operational mode. Based on the analysis, the chilled/heating water supply temperature has been adjusted, saving 202,000 kWh and over 126,000m3 of natural gas per year.
  • Energy efficiency upgrades to the complex included:
    • Completion of modifications to the variable frequency drives of cooling water pumps, saving about 720,000 kWh per year.
    • Implementing a cooling tower fan frequency conversion strategy, saving about 120,000 kWh per year.
    • Implementing a control strategy for the chilled water supply temperature, saving about 1 million kWh per year.
    • Implementing a control strategy for the fresh air handling unit, saving about 310,000 kWh per year.
    • Retro-commissioning of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (“HVAC”) systems and conducting energy audits to improve the efficiency of heating and cooling at The Temple House.
    • Switching all lighting to energy-efficient LED lights, improving efficiency and reducing cooling loads with estimated annual energy savings of 267,000 kWh.

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