2021 Progress

After achieving all our 2020 KPIs, this year, our Performance (Economic) Working Group, made up of 13 representatives from different functions within the Company, began working towards achieving our new 2025 and 2030 KPIs in the focus areas under this Pillar: Financial Performance, Green Financing, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, and Disclosure and Communications. As communication is crucial to success, we continue to engage with our investors at various events to keep them informed about our SD journey and our performance.

Our progress this year is summarised in the table below.

Financial Performance

Underlying Profit | Dividends | Gearing Ratio and Credit Rating

Progress Update in 2021

Green Financing

Green Bonds

2025 KPI
  • Achieve a minimum of 50% of bond and loan facilities37 from green financing
Progress Updates in 2021
  • As at the end of 2021, approximately 30% of our current bond and loan facilities came from green financing.
  • For more details, see our Green Finance Report, published in December 2021.

Corporate Governance

Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption

2025 KPI
  • Annual bribery and corruption risk review by the Executive Committee (“EXCOM”)
Progress Updates in 2021
  • An anti-bribery questionnaire covering the 2021 reporting period has been reviewed and approved by EXCOM.

Executive Compensation

2025 KPI
  • Establish corporate SD performance metrics that are linked to the Chief Executive’s variable compensation
Progress Updates in 2021
  • The Chief Executive’s variable compensation is linked to health and safety performance targets.
Arranged by the Hong Kong head office.