• Since 2017, The Temple Café at The Temple House has planted and maintained an organic garden on site, which now supplies about 10% of its herbs and vegetables. The café has since developed a “farm to table” menu which incorporates these house-grown vegetables and herbs harvested from the garden.
  • During the Christmas holiday season, it has become a tradition to display a sustainable Christmas tree at The Temple House crafted from upcycled materials.
    • 2017: The hotel worked with Daci Temple to reuse approximately 7,000 tea light candle shells, collected over five months, to create the sustainable Christmas tree.
    • 2018: The tree was made from 2,500 recycled plastic bottles.
    • 2019: The tree was made from around 2,500 wooden panels, collected from construction waste from a guest room improvement project.
    • 2020: The hotel co-operated with the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base to build the tree from recycled bamboo discarded after being eaten by the pandas.
    • 2021: The seven-metre-high Christmas tree was constructed from 10,000 recycled glass bottles collected in guestrooms.
  • Water flow restrictors installed on the faucets in guest rooms at The Temple House have helped to reduce water consumption without impacting the guest experience. Pilot tests show an estimated reduction in tap water consumption of 40%.

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