Talent Management

HKEX Aspect B3

We attach great importance to attracting talented people to work with us and retaining them as they develop their long-term careers with the Company.

We conducted a People Engagement Survey involving over 4,000 employees across Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland, with an impressive overall response rate of 97%. The survey questions covered 21 categories including Company core values, communication, sustainable engagement, diversity and inclusion, and digital transformation, among many others. The results provided valuable insights that will allow us to understand employees' needs and ultimately create a better place for them to work.

Key results:

  • Overall, we have outperformed the global real estate and property and asset management norms.
  • Our top five areas of strength are: retention; accountability and empowerment; performance management; recognition and benefits; and customer-centricity.
  • 88% of our employees feel engaged, with the top drivers of engagement being accountability and empowerment; senior leadership; and working environment.
  • In terms of employee engagement, we excelled in 18 categories benchmarked against industry peers around the world.
  • 91% of our employees believe in our corporate vision and values, a figure that significantly outperforms the norm and provides valuable reassurance that Swire Properties is “on the right track”.

As the next step in the engagement process, a Working Group comprised of various levels of employees was formed. Meeting twice a year, the group discusses improvement strategies and conducts action planning with department heads, who conduct follow-up action and report quarterly. As a result of the Working Group, departments across Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland have committed to more than 100 follow-up actions in the areas of innovation and enhancing work processes, staff recognition and development, promoting greater team collaboration and wellbeing in the workplace.

Moreover, we determined that the corporate focus areas moving forwards will be innovation and empowerment. Focus groups were held in Hong Kong with a range of colleagues, from frontline staff to managers, on how to empower our People. This valuable feedback will help drive further change and improvement across the Company. We will conduct a pulse survey in 2022 for ongoing monitoring and improvement purposes.

All these actions are geared towards achieving our 2025 KPI of having an employee engagement rating at 90% or above.

Learning and Development Programmes

Our multi-year trainee programmes help develop talent in building surveying, engineering and general management. Swire Hotels' 18-month international operations management trainee programme provides wide-ranging exposure to hotel operations in Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland and Miami, U.S.A.

This year, the Company also offered more online “off-the-shelf” learning courses, providing subscriptions to our employees to encourage an “anytime, anywhere” self-learning mindset. We established the Frontline Learning Resources Hub, an online learning platform on the Company intranet that includes topics on occupational health and safety, customer service and other compliance training to equip our frontline workforce with knowledge and skills related to their duties.

Other learning and development programmes across the Company include:

  • On-the-job training
  • Internal job rotations
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Secondments in other markets where we operate
  • Management and leadership training programmes

Evaluation Framework for Learning and Development Programmes

Swire Properties has developed a learning evaluation framework, with reference to the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model, to help us analyse and evaluate the impact of our different learning and development programmes.

This year, we continued a revamp of several training programmes including the Achieving Excellence Programme, a two-year leadership programme that aims to help our managers discover their leadership potential through workshops focused on developing leadership and communication skills, strategic thinking and performance management. During the revamp, we began adopting a multidimensional evaluation system which includes a 360-degree feedback mechanism that allows us to hear from individual employees on how our learning and development programmes have helped them in their career development and contributed to employee retention and work efficiency improvements.

We also developed two new structured leadership programmes in 2021 for our building management and portfolio technical services teams, the first leadership programmes ever held for these teams at the Company. Both programmes are designed to help supervisors enhance their people management skills and knowledge, and then apply those skills in workplace situations.

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The New Frontline Learning Resources Hub

Launched in April 2021, the Frontline Learning Resources Hub provides tailor-made e-learning materials for frontline employees presented as training videos and short job-related reading materials in categories such as customer experience and occupational health and safety.

The Hub was designed to improve the training environment and efficiency for frontline employees, allowing the Company to deploy e-learning materials virtually. Our frontline employees can study the materials on their own and complete an electronic quiz, streamlining the e-learning process and making it more efficient.

The aims of the Hub are to further encourage a culture of “anytime, anywhere” self-learning, while nurturing an innovative mindset and enhancing the learning experience through digitalisation.

Building Management Team Leadership Excellence Programme

Employee Health and Wellbeing

We value our employees and work to improve their health and wellbeing through a wide variety of events and activities both in and out of the office. These events not only contribute to employee health and wellbeing, but also build rapport between employees and increase the level of employee engagement.

Supporting the Mental and Physical Health of Our Employees

Every office across our portfolios recognises the importance of ensuring the wellbeing of their employees. As such, our offices have created tailored programmes and campaigns which support mental and physical health in different and locally relevant ways.

We provide information to employees via the Company’s intranet, covering a range of topics relating to healthy work practices and office safety. We also conduct, on request, workstation assessments of our employees’ workstation ergonomics, screen illumination and visual comfort.

In addition, we provide counselling services and learning opportunities through our Employee Assistance Programme, which offers in-person counselling and 24-hour telephone support from relevant professionals. We also host regular events for our employees, such as luncheons and training sessions, to promote physical, mental and emotional wellness and work-life balance.

Highlights of Our 2021 Employee Wellness Programme

Cultivating Workplace Wellbeing through People-oriented Designs