Building/Asset Investments

GRI 417
HKEX Aspect A3, B6, KPI A3.1, B6.4

As part of our management approach to identify and manage significant impacts of our buildings on the environment and natural resources, we aim to obtain certification for our buildings under environmental building assessment schemes that provide benchmarks and objective standards against which we can measure our performance.

We support green building development as part of the Building/Asset Investments focus area. The relevant SDGs are:


SDG 11

Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

SDG 12

Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Demonstrating and Sustaining Green Building Leadership

We employ an integrated design approach to our projects in accordance with the requirements of several internationally recognised standards and rating schemes, requiring members of our projects and operations teams to work together in areas ranging from building design to construction and operation.

In 2021, Swire Properties achieved another milestone, becoming the first developer in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland to join the World Green Building Council’s (“WorldGBC”) Corporate Advisory Board. As part of a select group of global leaders in sustainability, companies who sit on the Corporate Advisory Board serve to guide the WorldGBC in its strategy and activities to accelerate the sustainable building movement.

We also encourage our tenants to participate in environmental building assessment schemes and work closely with them to implement sustainability strategies that will help them to achieve the relevant certifications.

These schemes include:

  • BEAM Plus, a set of standards recognised and certified by the Hong Kong Green Building Council
  • LEED, a rating system devised by the United States Green Building Council
  • The China Green Building Design Label, issued by the Ministry of Construction in the Chinese Mainland
  • WELL, a certification scheme developed by the International WELL Building Institute

Green Buildings as a Percentage of our Portfolio

Type and Number of Green Building Certification, Rating and Labelling Schemes

as at 31st December 2021

Green Buildings Certified in 2021



Citygate Lot 2
  • Final Gold (New Buildings Version 1.2)


Taikoo Li Qiantan
  • Final Gold (Core and Shell Development Version 2009)


Taikoo Li Qiantan
  • Platinum (Core) v2 Pilot

China Green Building Design Label

  • 2-star
  • 2-star
“Wholly-owned existing buildings” do not include joint venture projects and trading properties and are measured as the percentage of total GFA.
“All existing buildings” includes joint venture projects and trading properties and are measured as the percentage of total GFA.
“Projects under development” refers to projects that are under construction or in the precertification stage and does not include joint venture projects and trading properties.
Refers to buildings that were built after BEAM was established in 1996 and that are either managed or at least 50% owned by Swire Properties. Small-scale, low-rise buildings in the same development are counted as one building and not as individual buildings.