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HKEX Aspect B8, KPI B8.1, B8.2

Our Community Ambassador Programme is a channel for our employees to contribute their time and skills to various social and environmental causes. To encourage active participation, our employees can nominate less-well-known Hong Kong-based community organisations for us to support through the Swire Properties Community Caring Fund. Our employees are eligible to receive one extra day of leave for every 10 hours of voluntary service completed, capped at two days per year.

A Growing Community of Ambassadors

Since its establishment in 2001, our Community Ambassador Team has grown from 40 members to more than 4,000 and continues to attract support from employees’ families and friends, as well as our business partners, tenants, customers and other Swire Group companies. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Community Ambassador Programme, a milestone which was celebrated across our communities.

Our Community Ambassador activities in Hong Kong focus on youth development, social inclusion, community-building, and supporting the elderly. As our Chinese Mainland portfolio continues to grow, we plan to organise more cross-city volunteer initiatives to strengthen the connections between our Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland Community Ambassadors to join our volunteering efforts. However, necessary restrictions placed on travel and gatherings during the pandemic curtailed these actions across our portfolios during 2021. We look forward with hope and excitement to the near future when such initiatives can resume.

Community Ambassador Programme Volunteer Hours, by focus area

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Community Investments and Contributions in 2021

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Taikoo Li Qiantan Launches Community Ambassadors Programme

“My Construction Hero”

“Wooly Wonder”

Promoting Inclusion through Volunteerism