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Food Waste Initiatives

Since 2005, we have been working with our hotels, restaurants and tenants to deepen our food waste reduction and recycling efforts.

Food waste is a significant component of the waste sent to landfill in Hong Kong. Since 2005, when we installed our first food decomposer at one of our Hong Kong shopping malls, we have been working with our hotels, restaurants and tenants to deepen our food waste reduction and recycling efforts. In 2019, we collected more than 8,000 tonnes of food waste from our Hong Kong and Mainland China portfolios and hotels, an increase of 78% compared with 2018.

In Hong Kong, Swire Properties joined the Source Separation Programme of Food Waste for the Food & Beverage Trade scheme, funded by the government’s Environment and Conservation Fund, by introducing food waste recycling to Island Place Mall and the new extension at Citygate. Tenant participation in our food waste recycling programme at Citygate, Cityplaza, Taikoo Place, Pacific Place and Island Place Mall grew by 34% compared with 2018. Most of the food waste collected goes to the Hong Kong government’s O·PARK1 for conversion into compost and biogas.

We recognise that food waste is a significant source of waste for our F&B tenants. Nineteen of our F&B tenants from Citygate, Pacific Place and Island Place Mall participated in the Municipal Solid Waste Charging Trial Scheme between March and July 2019, with the following results:

  • The volume of waste disposed by the participating tenants dropped by 11%
  • F&B-related recyclables collected at the three malls during the trial period increased by 43%, including recyclable food waste, coffee grounds, polyfoam boxes and glass bottles.
  • Food waste collection increased by 57% across the three malls.
  • 14 tenants collected new types of recyclables at their premises.

We are also promoting the recycling of food waste and coffee grounds to our office tenants. This year, the number of tenanted floors participating in either or both programmes nearly tripled.

At EAST, Hong Kong, we have been recycling food waste since 2009. Together with EAST, Miami and The Temple House, we have installed and are testing smarter and more efficient food waste digestors. These machines can be placed inside a kitchen, reducing the need to transport food waste. To date, 33 tonnes of food waste have been treated with this new technology.