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Climate Change

GRI 305
HKEX Aspect A1, A2, A3, A4 (new), KPI A1.5, A3.1, A4.1 (new)

We recognise that climate change poses significant risks and also presents significant opportunities to our business. We are firmly committed to reducing climate impacts and optimising resource efficiency throughout our operations.

We are responding to the Climate Change focus area through initiatives on mitigation, adaptation and resilience. The relevant SDG is:

SDG 13
SDG 13
Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Climate Change Policy

We adopted our Climate Change Policy in 2018. The policy outlines our commitment to managing climate risks across our operations and to developing mitigation, adaptation and resilience strategies to address those risks in line with global best practices.

As our largest source of carbon emissions is Scope 2 emissions arising from purchased electricity, our management approaches to climate mitigation and energy are closely aligned. In addition to improving the energy efficiency of our buildings, we strive to source renewable energy, both on-site and off-site, where feasible, particularly in our Mainland China portfolio.

Science-Based Targets Approved
We are the first real estate developer in Hong Kong and Mainland China to set a science-based target to establish long-term decarbonisation goals for our portfolios around the world that are in line with the Paris Agreement.
Progressing with our Climate Risk Assessment
We are undertaking a climate risk assessment to identify the key risks posed by climate change to our business operations as well as the business opportunities arising from new climatic conditions.
Carbon Pilot Study at One Taikoo Place Completed
During the construction of One Taikoo Place, which was completed in 2018, we collected data on carbon emissions from construction activities and the amount of embodied carbon in key construction materials.