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Making the “Waste Less” Concept More Visible

In addition to ongoing efforts to reduce and recycle waste, our hotels and portfolios have developed several new initiatives to raise environmental awareness among our employees, guests and the public:

EAST, Beijing

In May 2019, to promote the concept of sustainable lifestyles, we created a “recycling corner” where staff can recycle second-hand goods and exchange items with other team members.

EAST, Hong Kong

The hotel’s restaurant began up-cycling glass bottles into other items such as table lights and holiday decorations.

The Upper House

Kick-started the Green Leaders Programme to encourage employee engagement on recycling and other environmental issues.

Employee “Stuff Share” programme encourages our people to trade unwanted items regularly.

The Middle House and The Opposite House

Worked with a non-profit organisation, which collects lightly-used soap from hotels and recycled them by cleaning and distributing the soap to the needy.

The Temple House

Creatively recycled wooden floor panels from guest rooms which were dismantled during refurbishment work and turned them into decorative Christmas trees. Roughly 2,500 panels were recycled and turned into one large tree, around six metres high, and four smaller trees.

Taikoo Place

Christmas decorations featuring nutcrackers, trains and clock towers were donated to seven NGOs in Hong Kong after the holiday season.