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Occupant Wellbeing

GRI 416
HKEX Aspect B6, KPI B6.4

We aim to operate and maintain our buildings and workspaces in a way that promotes occupant health and wellbeing. The relevant SDG is:

Ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing.

Promoting Health and Wellbeing in Building Design

We design and construct our buildings to enhance visual comfort through the use of natural daylight, glare indices and diverse types of lighting and minimise the adverse impacts of external lighting, such as sky glow, source intensity and building luminance.

We also consider acoustic impacts throughout the design, construction and operational phases of our buildings. In Hong Kong, we conduct noise level measurements at our construction sites on a weekly basis so that we can implement measures to mitigate excessive noise. In designing our buildings, we consider the impacts of interior and exterior noise and vibration and install acoustic devices, such as silencers, wall insulation and isolation springs, to mitigate noise impacts.

Continuously Improving Indoor Air Quality

In 2019, Pacific Place installed 10 air quality sensors in common areas of the mall which monitor temperature, relative humidity, CO2, airborne particulates, total volatile organic compounds and ozone levels.

At INDIGO mall in Beijing, we helped anchor shops improve their air quality by installing electrostatic filters, and, after enhancements to the mall’s HVAC system, purification efficiency of airborne particulates improved to above 75%.

One Taikoo Place Achieves WELL Final Platinum Certification

We are committed to improving the occupant experience and building performance through programmes such as the International WELL Building Institute’s WELL certification scheme. The key health and wellness principles associated with the WELL Standard set out the core foundations of how we should act and behave within the built environment to lead healthy, more active lifestyles and reduce occupant exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants.

This year, One Taikoo Place became the first commercial building in Asia to achieve WELL Core and Shell Version 1 Final Platinum Certification. The building has air-handling units equipped with sanitising ultra-violet lights, activated carbon filters and MERV25 13 filters to improve IAQ and reverse osmosis filtration systems to provide clean drinking water.

25The MERV rating is the “Minimum Efficient Reporting Value” rating, a measurement scale which rates the effectiveness of air filters.