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Innovation and Experimentation

A creative mindset of innovation and experimentation is crucial to the successful execution of our SD 2030 Strategy. This year, we demonstrated our commitment to innovation and experimentation in several ways.

We formed a partnership with Jones Lang LaSalle and Ping An Urban Tech to launch UrbanLab, the first property technology (“PropTech”) corporate accelerator programme in Mainland China.

The programme received applications from over 300 Chinese PropTech start-up companies and selected 12 finalists. Four of these 12 finalists were given the opportunity to conduct their product trials at our developments, HKRI Taikoo Hui and Taikoo Li Qiantan in Shanghai, to work on solutions including air quality sensors, patrol robots and augmented reality sales and exhibition tools.

The UrbanLab accelerator programme gave us the chance to test potentially promising PropTech solutions, reflecting our continuous desire to experiment and evolve and our commitment to create innovative PropTech solutions for the real estate industry.

New Ventures

Our new ventures department focuses on technology and innovation. It aims to add strategic value to the Company’s operations by sourcing innovative products and services to address business needs and opportunities. The new ventures department has access to a network of over 50 venture capital firms, accelerators, incubators and other organisations around the world, from which we can obtain inspiration and support.

Below are examples of technology trial projects initiated by our new ventures department in 2019 for each Pillar:

A programme that uses sensor technology to collect data on office usage patterns, such as the occupancy of desks, meeting rooms and common areas, and then converts this data to actionable insights to inform and optimise office design.

A cloud-based workflow tracker which helps users visualise tasks and enhances their productivity by improving workflow processes and making task and project tracking easier.

A smart locker solution that allows the smooth pickup of mailed packages, dry-cleaning, food deliveries and other items via a digital interface for operation and payment. This can help improve both the safe delivery of goods and the quality of the office environment for our Taikoo Place tenants and their employees.

Performance (Environment)
An automated window cleaning service using a gondola rig and rolling brush for skyscraper curtain walls that is being trialled at Devon House in Taikoo Place. This service aims to reduce water usage and increase efficiency by reducing the time required to clean windows.

Performance (Economic)
The Hub, our online leasing and management platform, was updated to include a new portfolio dashboard function which allows our leasing teams and senior management to see a portfolio-level overview of up-to-date business performance.


ideas@work is an annual programme that promotes and stimulates a culture of innovation within the Company. Employees are invited to share their ideas on improving operations and productivity with rewards given for the best ideas.

This year, 481 ideas were received, representing the highest number of ideas received since 2014. Of these 481 ideas, 192 were approved for implementation across our business units.

Set out below are the winning ideas:

SwireLease Pro, SwirePay Pro and Swire Pay
These blockchain solutions aim to tackle issues with our existing procedures, such as lengthy processing times, excessive manpower requirements and potential inadvertent human errors, by enhancing process efficiency, security and immutability.

Repair Reporting Platform
This new platform aims to make repair requests from tenants more convenient and increase the efficiency of our management office teams’ response to such requests.

ONE INDIGO Communal Space
This project includes offering office tenants of ONE INDIGO a shared space to meet, work and relax. The project also includes a tenant engagement programme focused on recreation, entertainment and wellness. More details about the project can be found here.

Mobile Show Suite
This virtual reality idea was developed to facilitate the sale of units at EDEN in Singapore. It allows potential customers to experience the new development’s features through wearing a virtual reality headset.