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HKEX Aspect A3, KPI A3.1
We work closely with our commercial tenants to help them integrate sustainability practices into their operations. In 2019, we began implementing our latest fit-out and renovation guidelines, which have been updated and customised for our office and retail tenants so as to help them incorporate sustainability considerations into their office and shop designs. We also introduced other initiatives to help our tenants fulfil their environmental, social and employee wellbeing objectives.
Tenant-focused Environmental Initiatives
We have a number of initiatives for tenants that focus on environmental issues like kitchen waste, recycling, organic farming and more.
Social Initiatives to Connect our Tenants
We continue to create initiatives which aim to connect our tenants with each other and with the wider community.
Fostering Wellbeing
We believe it is important to promote and sustain the health and wellbeing of our tenants and their workers.
Introducing the Portfolio Dashboard

In August 2019, The Hub, our online leasing and management platform, was updated to include a new portfolio dashboard. The dashboard provides a portfolio-level overview of KPIs for each development, giving office leasing teams and senior management real-time actionable insights to aid strategic decision making.

The portfolio dashboard:

  • provides a centralised platform for our 17 office building stacking plans in Hong Kong;
  • gives real-time insights and performance updates on 13.4 million sq ft of office space; and
  • integrates information such as occupancy and rental figures, therefore allowing the tracking and comparison of such performance metrics.

Tenant Surveys Focus on Future Needs

In late 2018, Pacific Place sent out a survey designed to understand the current views of our tenants and explore areas for growth in service and relationship management, particularly in terms of building facilities, management services and sustainability.

In 2019, Taikoo Place began to conduct a similar tenant survey, which is part of a larger tenant mapping project that focuses on the future needs of our tenants, and how they use our spaces and engage with us, both online and offline. The ultimate aim is to increase the wellness and productivity of all tenants in our portfolios.

Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance Awards

We are the first real estate developer to support the Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance (“HKGSA”) which was established by the Construction Industry Council and the Hong Kong Green Building Council in 2016 to promote sustainability initiatives in the retail industry through landlord-tenant collaboration. More than 70 of our retail tenants in Hong Kong are now part of the HKGSA.

In December 2019, our leadership in this field was recognised as we won two major accolades at 2019 HKGSA Awards:

  • Pacific Place – Champion, Best Green Practice in Malls category, beating nearly 40 other leading organisations with our innovative energy savings solutions and facilities as well as initiatives that help tenants reduce and recycle waste.
  • Cityplaza – Best Guidance to Tenant Award in the Best Collaborative Effort of Malls and Shops category, recognising our tenant engagement efforts which include our free energy audit programme and Green Kitchen Initiative, as well as our food waste recycling scheme which facilitated the monthly collection of 20 tonnes of food waste at the mall.