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Community Investment

GRI 203, 413
HKEX Aspect B8, KPI B8.1, B8.2
As part of our SD 2030 Strategy, we are committed to investing in the development and the future success of the communities in which we operate. In 2019, we focused our efforts on a wide range of community events and local revitalisation initiatives, which, to the largest extent possible, were tailored to the local needs and interests of the people in each community.

Supporting Culture and the Arts

Our commitments to showcasing arts and culture and supporting artists and performers at our developments continued to grow this year. We held regular community events and promoted initiatives at our developments, which were designed to create and foster vibrant local communities.


Our community-building initiatives aim to connect people and bring them together to enhance the places where they work, live and stay.

Community Caring Fund

Our Community Caring Fund (“CCF”) provides sponsorship to less well-known Hong Kong-based community organisations nominated by our employees. The objective is to help these organisations plan and implement community-based initiatives and outreach projects.

Local Revitalisation

As part of our SD 2030 Strategy, we seek to revitalise communities by enhancing infrastructure that supports a better quality of life for those who live there, while preserving cultural heritage in the design, development and long-term management of our developments.