With the impacts of climate change becoming more apparent, it is increasingly important to incorporate climate mitigation measures into the design phase of projects. Our new Savyavasa development in Jakarta has a number of flooding-related mitigation measures – these are crucial in Jakarta, as the low-lying city is more prone to frequent flooding. We have adopted targeted measures both on-site and in the surrounding area, including:

  • “Above and beyond” flood level design: L1 of the development is designed to be one metre above the projected flood level, which is considered an effective measure against flooding.
  • A 45% greenery ratio: This provides a higher soil “soak away” rate, especially during periods of high rainfall. The design also includes permeable flooring materials for the tennis court and jogging track, and a soil depth of three metres allows larger trees to be planted and rainwater to be absorbed faster.
  • Soak wells and soak pits around the site: These act as “water tanks” during rainy days, collecting rainwater within the site and allowing it to soak away. This controls the rate at which rainwater is discharged into nearby public canals, ensuring that the canals are not overwhelmed.
  • The condition of the existing canal around the Savyavasa site affects the amount of rainfall discharged downstream. Upgrades are currently being made at the canal to improve the water flow for better sanitation and drainage conditions.
  • A circular pipe is being built at the canal’s lowest point to improve sanitation during the dry season, while garbage traps are being installed at canal inlet and discharge points on the site, filtering out garbage and maintaining the cleanliness of the canal.