In 2019, the Business Environment Council (“BEC”) launched its Low Carbon Charter to mobilise businesses towards Hong Kong’s long-term decarbonisation, with Swire Properties pledging its support to set and achieve science-based carbon reduction targets.

As a supporting initiative, the BEC launched a new “Power Up Coalition” in 2021, designed to facilitate early connection of construction sites to mains electricity. Swire Properties was one of the first to sign the Power Up Pledge, which is a commitment to optimise electricity use and avoid the use of diesel generators and other high-emission electricity sources. As a signatory, we have agreed to lead by example – sharing knowledge and best practices, collaborating to deliver early electricity to construction sites and promoting Power Up to the wider business community.

We also agreed to pursue the following on-site decarbonisation opportunities at our construction sites, when possible:

  • Transition to becoming 100% diesel generator-free
  • Wider use of mass battery energy storage
  • Provide EV charging infrastructure
  • Provide electricity / battery energy storage system (BESS)
  • Improve energy efficiency and drive behavioural change
  • Support in further electrification and greater use of plants and equipments that are powered by electricity
  • Use of lower carbon alternative fuels where electrification is not possible, including biodiesel, natural gas or hydrogen
  • Install renewable energy systems
  • Use green finance to support the options mentioned above