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Green Procurement

GRI 301
HKEX Aspect A2, KPI B5.4 (new)

As part of our green procurement strategy, since 2015, we have been implementing our guidelines on environmental procurement in accordance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. This system tracks our consumption of office supplies, building services equipment and building materials that meet specific environmental criteria, such as whether the products have been certified or accredited by reputable, independent third parties. We use this data to evaluate our green procurement performance and identify further opportunities to source more sustainable products.

In addition, we also track our consumption of specific construction materials such as timber, concrete and reinforcement bar, which allows us to benchmark our consumption of these materials during the construction of new developments.

We have been a member of the Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter of the Green Council since 2013 and a member of their Sustainable Procurement Charter since 2018.

Green Procurement for Hong Kong and Mainland China in 2019
Total value
Hosting Supplier Engagement Events

We use events, held from time to time throughout the year, to engage our suppliers and foster exchange, dialogue and deeper relationships with them.

Expanding our Sustainable Sourcing

We are committed to continuously expanding our sourcing of sustainable materials across all areas of our business. In 2019, we continued to make significant achievements in this regard.

Giving Our Uniforms a Sustainable Makeover

An initiative to revamp retail customer service staff uniforms across our portfolios in Hong Kong and Mainland China aimed create a modernised new look, refresh our brand image and use sustainable materials.