The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a surge in single-use tableware and packaging in the communities where we operate. In 2021, we continue to expand initiatives to promote reuse and support the recovery of single-use plastics.

In November 2020, we partnered with a start-up company to launch Hong Kong’s first smart reusable cup concept and network at Taikoo Place. In 2021, the initiative expanded to a total of eight food and beverage outlets across the portfolio. We also began washing and sanitising the cups at a Swire Hotels outlet, fully “closing the loop” within Taikoo Place. Since its launch, the smart reusable cup system has helped avoid the disposal of over 12000 single-use coffee cups.

We also worked with our industry and recycling partners to facilitate the recovery of plastic beverage bottles and recycling them into food-grade raw materials. In 2021, we continued to place reverse vending machines at The Loop in Taikoo Place and at Three Pacific Place, collecting more than 255100 plastic bottles during the year for recycling. We also began placing dedicated plastic bottle recycling bins around Taikoo Place to support the concept of separating waste at its source.

In September, we relaunched the “Save Your Plastics” campaign at Starstreet Precinct. This campaign provided lifestyle and F&B rewards to people who recycled their cleaned and emptied plastics. In less than three weeks, this recycling pop-up collected over 500kg of plastics from 700 members of the community.