Since 2011, we have worked with Tsinghua University in Beijing through its Joint Research Centre for Building Energy Efficiency and Sustainability to develop and test new methods to increase energy efficiency and improve environmental performance in our projects. This collaboration continues to generate substantial energy savings and allows us to share new ideas and practices with our employees, business partners, industry peers and other researchers.

We extended this partnership for another three years in May 2019. Together, both teams are working to push the boundaries of traditional building management by developing new artificial intelligence (“AI”) technologies, improving IAQ control measures, increasing the generation and use of renewable energy, and other measures to make our portfolios even more energy efficient and sustainable.

In 2021, highlights of our partnership included:

  • Energy audits and identification of energy management opportunities at The Middle House, Shanghai.
  • Development of AI technologies for plant optimisation and smart facility management.
  • Development of water-saving strategies for condensing water systems.
  • DC microgrid guideline development and pilot project design review.
  • Developing an accounting tool for measuring the whole lifecycle carbon emissions of a new development project.