We work closely with a wide range of suppliers, including architects, designers, consultants, service providers, contractors and vendors. These engagements impact the implementation of our SD 2030 Strategy in several dimensions, including occupational health and safety, resource and circularity, long-term decarbonisation and building/asset investments.

Supply Chain Profile

GRI 2-6
Number of Suppliers, by geographical region, by category
(As at 31 December 2023)
Hong Kong
Chinese Mainland
Southeast Asia Region
Our suppliers mainly operate in the following categories: construction, engineering services, utilities, cleaning, operational services (e.g. information technology, human resources, administration, and marketing) and food supplies.

Supplier Code of Conduct

GRI 308, 414
HKEX Aspect B4, B5, KPI B4.1, B4.2, B5.2
Swire Properties’ Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the minimum standards and practices for our suppliers relating to legal and regulatory compliance, environmental protection, health and safety, labour practices, and other areas. This policy extends to subcontractors working on projects for Swire Properties.
We encourage our suppliers to have their own supplier codes of conduct in place, and we require that all suppliers adopt and implement policies and procedures that prevent bribery, corruption and fraud in their own operations. Swire Properties has a strong preference for suppliers whose goods and services can contribute to reducing our own climate and environmental impacts. Suppliers that fail to comply fully with our SCoC risk termination of their contracts, are subject to the contractual terms therein, and removal from our approved contractors list.
The relevant SDG is:
SDG 12
Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Supplier Monitoring and Engagement

We aim to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners. We believe that better sustainability performance can enhance the overall resilience of our value chain, while helping supply chain partners mitigate ESG-related risks, operate at greater resource efficiency, enhance their reputation, and capture new business opportunities. To advance these ideas, this year we became the first real estate company in the region to launch a supply chain sustainability engagement programme through EcoVadis’ ESG assessment platform.
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Supplier Monitoring and Engagement

Sustainable Procurement

Beginning in 2020, Swire Properties expanded our green procurement process to include sustainability-related products and services, including expenditures on promoting safety, health and wellbeing in our properties and new developments. We were also the first real estate developer in Hong Kong to introduce low-carbon specifications for new developments, detailing such specifications for concrete, rebar and structural steel. These specifications have now been adopted into the main contract for new developments in Hong Kong.
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Sustainable Procurement

Supplier Health and Safety and Smart Construction

This year, Swire Properties supported the Hong Kong Development Bureau’s Smart Site Safety System initiative, using various technologies and systems to enhance the management of safety at our construction sites. These included smart platforms with AI video analytic cameras, IoT sensors and smart wearables to monitor site safety; smart construction techniques; and smart VR training at all our active development sites.
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Supplier Health and Safety and Smart Construction