Swire Properties has various talent-attraction programmes tailored to specific requirements:

Property Executive Programme

The 36-month Property Executive Programme (“PEP”) aims to develop young talent pipelines for employees in the Chinese Mainland. PEP offers trainees a multitude of learning opportunities to enhance their professional growth. During the initial two-year period, trainees are immersed in a dynamic environment where they have the chance to work across various departments or teams within their local companies. In the third year of the traineeship, trainees are assigned to work on new and innovative projects or are placed in companies in our other operating regions.
Through the programme, we hope to expose trainees to different roles, market, and culture, enabling them to actively contribute their knowledge and expertise while also acquiring new insights and perspectives.

Technical Trainee Programme

This 24-month programme is tailored to building surveyors and engineers, giving them hands-on training and opportunities by rotating them through our properties and lead projects. The programme also guides them through building certification processes, allowing the trainees to become professionals before they graduate.

Swire Hotels’ Management Trainee Programme

This management trainee programme gives trainees opportunities to work across departments and regions in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland. The 12- to 18-month on-the-job training courses provide trainees with an in-depth understanding of the hotel business and provide additional insights into hotel management.

The Swire Management Trainee Programme

This programme develops high-performance, high-potential individuals into business leaders who share a common set of values. It gives trainees the option to explore different industries, functions, countries, and cultures while providing the flexibility to gain skills and experience in desired areas. Participants rotate jobs that expose them to different roles and geographies, with opportunities to move across operating companies.

The Swire Finance Programme

The Swire Finance Programme develops high-performing, high-potential individuals into future senior finance leaders who share our common values. Participants get to experience different industries, countries and cultures, with job rotations every few years, and are given extensive training and development and support. The programme only recruits experienced, qualified finance professionals who join as leaders who then work in different industries, finance specialisations and locations.

Internship Programmes

Swire Properties offers opportunities to penultimate year undergraduates who seek a career in property development and hotel management. These summer internships provide hands-on experience and professional counselling and are usually given to candidates with strong academic credentials who have an ability to connect easily with others, show leadership potential, and who wish to inspire through example. They include:
The Swire Properties Summer Internship Programme, an eight-week programme that offers architecture, building surveying, engineering and environmental science students hands-on experience, usually with an environment-related project, and prepares them to enter the industry.
The Swire Hotels Internship Programme, gives interns innovative practical experience in the hospitality industry.
The Swire Summer Internship Programme, an eight-week comprehensive introduction to the Swire Group for intellectually curious, adaptable and business-minded students who want to join the Swire Management Programme after graduation. The students work at a Swire operating company based in Hong Kong or the Chinese Mainland and lead and implement a business-related project.

Campus Recruitment Talks in Hong Kong

Swire Properties held a series of talks at major Hong Kong universities in 2023 to share information about our technical trainee and summer intern programmes. Representatives from our TSSD department presented on our SD Vision and SD 2030 Strategy, and introduced innovative initiatives including our decarbonisation strategy, tenant engagement programmes and youth empowerment initiatives.