Swire Properties seeks to continuously improve our services and offerings. To do this, we must understand our customers’ needs, and feedback is a vital part of this understanding. In 2023, our customer-focused research programmes continued to provide us with invaluable data which will be analysed and used to further refine the customer experience and our market positioning.

Data Management and Protection Governance

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HKEX Aspect B6, KPI B6.5
To promote effective personal data governance within the Company, Swire Properties has established a Data Management Protection Steering Committee. The committee is tasked with cultivating a culture of data privacy and protection, with responsibilities that include:
  • Developing and endorsing a data privacy vision and strategy for Swire Properties.
  • Formulating and approving a Data Management Protection Plan (“DMPP”) and other internal policies that pertain to data privacy.
  • Defining the governance process and ensuring its implementation, while continuously evolving and improving the process over time.
We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. Our DMPP covers our operations in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland and provides guidance on the handling of personal data, including that of our customers, throughout the data lifecycle. The policy will be updated from time to time to ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.
Under this DMPP, our employees are required to comply with internal guidelines covering the collection, processing, transfer, retention, and disposal of personal data. We also include data protection obligations in contracts with third-party data processors.

Retail Customers

Swire Properties has established a comprehensive range of research programmes across our retail portfolio to advance our efforts in placemaking, visitor wellness, customer experience, and tenant relationships.
These research programmes have been strategically and statistically designed to foster collaboration and inclusivity. By harnessing diverse perspectives of all involved, we incubate innovative solutions to drive impactful outcomes. Through a creative and critical lens, we extract valuable insights to further enhancement of our service performance. The insights will help us continuously refine our strategies, optimise operations, seize emerging opportunities, and recommend actionable measures that drive sustainable growth and success.

Annual Shopper Behaviour and Branding Research Programme

Our annual Shopper Behaviour and Branding Research Programme is conducted in all nine of our malls. Research is conducted through quantitative surveys in various formats, with shoppers in competitor malls also surveyed to compare our performance with theirs. As in previous years, the results will help us monitor our malls’ performance and recommend action items for customer service, marketing and leasing, and serve as a reference for future business decision-making.
In the 2022-2023 research programme, more than 9,500 interviews were conducted with over 99% of the respondents ratings our malls between “excellent” and “good”. The results demonstrate a high level of shopper satisfaction with our malls and is a positive indication of the quality of the shopping experience we provide.

Mystery Shopper Programme 2023-2024

Our annual Mystery Shopper Programme was conducted in late 2023. This evaluates the performance of customer service officers (“CSOs”) in our six Chinese Mainland malls by identifying their strengths and weaknesses and providing actionable recommendations for better customer service and experience. Our portfolio in the Chinese Mainland as a whole managed to retain an overall score of 90+ out of 100, implicating a very decent efforts by our malls in customer service and experience produced. Compared with 2017 when we first rolled out the programme, our latest overall score has improved by more than 20 points, reflecting our continuous initiative to improve customers services and experiences.

Upgrades to the Marketing Sharing Platform

The Marketing Sharing Platform allows Swire Properties’ marketing professionals and other colleagues to exchange knowledge and experience between sister malls. Introduced in 2020, the platform was enhanced this year with new features to incorporate the latest reports and analysis regarding luxury marketing, Gen-Z audiences, wellness, digital technology, retailing and our competitors. These updates will help establish a thinktank where marketers from across our Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland portfolios can find insights and inspiration.

Digital Customer Experience

Taikoo+ App Updates

The TAIKOO+ app is a one-stop digital gateway to our three Hong Kong malls – Pacific Place, Cityplaza and Citygate Outlets – allowing users to access mall information, news and events, as well as a directory of restaurants, shops, services, and amenities across all three locations. The app received two important updates in 2023:
Mall Dollar: An Enhanced Loyalty Programme
The “spend to earn” concept is vital to retail loyalty programmes across the world. To help accelerate the earning and redemption cycle of loyalty points at our malls, we launched Mall Dollar on the TAIKOO+ and Pacific Place apps in September 2023. Members of the malls’ loyalty programmes can earn points by uploading receipts and seamlessly converting them into Mall Dollar through the app. To further streamline the redemption process, we also designed an app for tenants, making it easy for them to actualise Mall Dollar and submit reimbursement requests. This reduces their workload by eliminating the need to manually consolidate transaction records and send them via email.
Enhanced Shopping+ Platform: Boosting Member Sales from Online to Offline
Launched in November 2020, Shopping+ is an online platform that sells cash vouchers to boost footfall in retail malls. Shopping+ was especially convenient during the COVID-19 period.
In May 2023, we evolved Shopping+ into a member-exclusive platform by integrating the malls’ loyalty programmes, allowing members to earn loyalty points across malls and, through a unified interface, conveniently view, manage and redeem their loyalty points. Promotions were held at the malls giving members discounted tenant cash vouchers and “buy online pick-up in store” products to drive sales. The ultimate goal of the upgraded Shopping+ is to attract more members and accelerate the sales cycle by combining online purchases with in-mall shopping.
Taikoo+ App Updates

WeChat Enhances the Customer Experience

Our Pacific Place and Citygate Outlets loyalty programmes received a boost from the WeChat mini-programme (“WMP”) in 2023. The WMP opens up the loyalty programme to members from the Chinese Mainland, providing member registration, receipt upload and reward redemption functions, as well as a digital e-voucher feature at Citygate Outlets.
Digitalisation of in-mall services via the WMP is an important part of enticing tourists into our malls and enhancing their shopping experience. Mall vouchers in particular have significantly expedited the participation of tourists in retail promotions – during the first six months of the programme at Citygate, over 3,300 WMP users utilised the e-voucher function, making more than 6,000 e-voucher purchases.
Swire Properties’ official WeChat account ran an interactive mini-programme called “Green Planet” in September. Aimed at Chinese Mainland customers, the campaign was designed to raise awareness of our SD 2030 Strategy and support ecological conservation through five challenges that, when successfully completed, generate “energy points” for participants and allow them to build a “virtual home” in the app. At the end of the initiative, we donated between RMB1 and RMB5 for each user, with the amount selected randomly, to non-government organisations specialising in protecting birds and biodiversity.
WeChat Enhances the Customer Experience

Sustainable Living and Wellbeing

Greener Together Rewards and Workshops at Cityplaza

Cityplaza introduced the “Greener Together” rewards programme in 2023, targeting customers of Green Kitchen Initiative-certified restaurants. The promotion was held in October and November and offered customers F&B e-vouchers and extra reward points for supporting the initiative using electronic payments. At the same time, the mall held a “Greener Together” Craft Workshop series, teaching participants how to make creative crafts and accessories out of food and clothing waste. The three workshops covered food waste jewellery, coffee capsule accessories and cloth-scrap accessories.
Greener Together Rewards and Workshops at Cityplaza

Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives at The Temple House

Regular wellness initiatives are a staple at The Temple House’s Mi Xun Spa, from yoga classes and sound healing to spa treatments and meditation, helping clients focus on physical, mental and emotional health while also driving sustainable daily operations and creating eco-friendly experiences for our guests. Several events were held throughout 2023 including a Father’s Day meditation exercise in June, morning Pilates classes in July, poolside yoga in August, and a handpan concert in September.
Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives at The Temple House
Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives at The Temple House
Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives at The Temple House
Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives at The Temple House
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