We strive to provide guidance and leadership for the real estate sector in Hong Kong, throughout Asia Pacific and on a global level by sharing our experience and expertise. We also promote the importance of and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability at numerous conferences and seminars in Hong Kong and beyond – sharing our vision in the hope of inspiring other businesses to achieve common sustainability goals.

Championing the Sustainability Agenda – Built Environment Pathway Board of WBCSD

The Pathway Boards of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (“WBCSD”) was established with the intent to drive meaningful changes towards climate action, nature action, equity action and value chain engagement. In 2023, our Chief Executive, Tim Blackburn, was invited to participate in the Built Environment Pathway Board, to provide strategic guidance and direction for the work priorities and advancing the workplans in areas relating to decarbonisation, circularity, nature positive, equity and finance and end-user engagement. The opportunity will allow the company to contribute to the initiatives undertaken by WBCSD, showcasing our leadership in the industry, and inspiring positive transformation in the global built environment.

Steering Industry Decarbonisation through SBTi

We recognise that the building sector is a major contributor of the emissions worldwide, accounting for over one-third of global emissions. We firmly commit to reaching Net-zero by 2050, with our SBTs were validated by SBTi in 2019.
In 2021, the SBTi launched the Buildings Project to provide a route for all players in this sector to align their climate mitigation plans with the latest science, taking into account the specific challenges facing this industry. The Project aims to develop a guidance for the building sector to account for carbon emissions and establish carbon reduction targets such that the sector can play their part in reaching the 1.5°C trajectory. An Expert Advisory Group ("EAG") was formed, to ensure the guidance and resources developed are robust, clear and practical.
Swire Properties sits as one of the members of the EAG, contributing to the SBTi Buildings Guidance development by providing inputs to guidance execution and sharing regional insights. We were also one of the 15 companies to participate in the Pilot testing the SBTi Buildings Guidance and Tool, providing feedback on the practicality of the target setting tool, criteria and guidance and recommendations on improvements to ensure applicability across regions and businesses.

Sharing Our Knowledge through Public Engagement

Swire Properties believes that by sharing our experience and practices, we can inspire other companies and organisations to join us on our sustainability journey. We believe this sharing helps reinforce our commitment to sustainability and demonstrates our continuous efforts to transition to a net-zero economy. In 2023, we continued our active participation in industry discussions and delivering presentations at various conferences and seminars including:
  • The BEC EnviroSeries Conference 2023: Accelerating Net-zero Action through Carbon Pricing, Digitalisation and Closing the Resource Loop, organised by the Business Environmental Council
  • Innovation and Technology Symposium 2023: Innovating Zero, organised by The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel
  • ReThink HK 2023, organised by Rethink Hong Kong
  • “HKGBC Retrofitting Guidebook” Launching Ceremony, organised by Hong Kong Green Building Council
  • 2023 (the Nineteenth) International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building & New Technologies and Products Expo: The 17th theme Forum – Building Commissioning & Digital Operation and Maintenance, organised by China Professional Committee of Building Commissioning and Operations
  • 2023 ULI GBA Annual Conference, organised by ULI China Mainland
  • The 2nd CSO Forum and Sustainability Excellence Awards, organised by Ernst & Young

Sharing Our Knowledge through Public Engagement

Sharing Our Knowledge through Public Engagement
Sharing Our Knowledge through Public Engagement
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