As part of our commitment to innovation and experimentation, Swire Properties’ ongoing digital transformation aims to improve digital connectivity, incorporate innovative technologies, create efficiencies and cost savings, and reduce waste across our operations.
As a measure of the success of this transformation, in 2022, Taikoo Place and Pacific Place received the highest level of certification from two global digital connectivity benchmarks: WiredScore, which assesses the ability of a building to meet the needs of the modern office tenant; and SmartScore, which certifies best-in-class smart buildings that deliver a fully integrated user experience through a modern, digital platform to improve efficiency and are fully future-proofed to meet the highest standards of sustainability.
Taikoo Place and Pacific Place were the first WiredScore-certified portfolios in Hong Kong, with 15 commercial buildings certified. In addition, Two Taikoo Place and Six Pacific Place became the first buildings in Hong Kong to be both WiredScore and SmartScore Platinum-certified – only 0.6% of buildings assessed by these schemes have obtained a Platinum rating.
Throughout 2023, we continued to advance our digital offerings to tenants.

Enhanced Digital Platforms for Tenants

The new Taikoo Place app and Pacific Place Offices app are our main platforms for office tenant engagement. In 2023, we launched over 150 events and privileges, creating a thriving and vibrant community within our office space. Through the two applications, we forged strong partnerships with more than 80 business partners spanning various industries and sectors, enriching our tenants' experiences with exceptional content, personalised privileges, and unforgettable experiences.
The major functions of the apps include:
  • Exclusive privileges and popular events in collaboration with Taikoo Place or Pacific Place office and retail partners;
  • Hassle-free table bookings for surrounding restaurants;
  • Reservations for meeting rooms or flexible spaces available in the two office portfolios, and;
  • Appointments for fitness classes and healthcare treatment in partnership with wellness tenants in the neighbourhood.
These mobile apps enhance our office tenant’s experience and deliver significant business value to our partners, including increased brand awareness, footfall traffic, and business opportunities.
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5G: Driving the Digital Transformation

We embarked on the second phase of installing ultra-fast 5G and 5.5G mobile technology at all our properties around Hong Kong. Advanced 5G technology capable of download speeds of 10 gigabytes per second (“Gbps”) and upload speeds of one Gbps, has been installed in all our buildings in Hong Kong and will be commercially available by 2025.
5G connection will also support ambient power-enabled IoT technology, zero and ultra-low-power devices to improve tracking and location-based services, and direct satellite communications for handsets.

Digital Enablers to Enhance Tenant Engagement

Digitalisation continues to be a key focus to enhance our tenant engagement and communication strategies. Representatives from our Information Technology and TSSD departments and Portfolio Management teams meet regularly to ensure that the Tenant Portal meets evolving tenant engagement and sustainability needs.
In 2023, we launched an upgraded version of the Tenant Portal in Hong Kong which incorporates new features to capture tenants’ energy and waste data, allowing GPP tenants to track and verify progress against GPP performance benchmarks, view their GPP tier rating and monitor their participation in various programmes.
We also continued to increase the use of smart technology throughout our properties. In Hong Kong, we began to install digital energy meters for GPP tenants. These meters continuously monitor tenants’ energy consumption patterns and help identify potential energy savings, such as idle energy wasted during non-working hours.
To promote water efficiency and raise awareness about the importance of water conservation, we completed digital water meter installation throughout Taikoo Place in 2022. In 2023, we completed water meter installations at One Citygate and Taikoo Hui Guangzhou and began installation work at Pacific Place.
While waste measurement usually involves manual weighing and recording, we embrace technologies that digitalise the waste data collection process. In 2023, we continued to expand our Smart Waste Reduction Challenge and Smart Mobile Scale Programme for GPP tenants. We are also exploring digitalisation options for tenant waste data management within our retail portfolio.
Features related to the GPP will be progressively enhanced to support data sharing, benchmarking and gamification. During the year, we began to connect metered energy, water and waste data to the Tenant Portal. This integration will enable tenants to conveniently access their environmental data and gain insights into their environmental performance in the future.