In pursuit of continuous improvements to our energy performance, Swire Properties performed technical upgrades at all our properties this year.

Variable Speed Drive Installation for Condenser Water Pumps at Citygate Outlets

We installed variable speed drives in three condenser water pumps at the mall to make the pumps more energy efficient. These drives convert the constant condenser water flow system to a variable flow system, reducing pump energy consumption by more than 30% and saving approximately 140,000kWh of electricity annually.

Oil-free Chiller Installation at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou and HKRI Taikoo Hui

This year, we replaced a chiller at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou with a 700TR oil-free chiller and replaced another chiller at HKRI Taikoo Hui with a 300TR oil-free chiller. These cater to part load conditions and improve operational efficiency. Estimated annual electricity savings are about 150,000kWh at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou and about 340,000kWh at HKRI Taikoo Hui.

Lighting Improvement Work at Taikoo Li Qiantan and HKRI Taikoo Hui

In 2023, Taikoo Li Qiantan installed photo sensors and new optimisation system for outdoor lighting control that is based on daylight and sunset times. This is expected to save about 86,000kWh per year. Meanwhile, HKRI Taikoo Hui replaced over 3,000 fluorescent lamps with LED bulbs with a lifespan of about 50,000 hours, saving repair costs and creating energy savings of about 150,000kWh per year.

Variable Speed Drive Modifications for Chinese Mainland HVAC Systems

Several HVAC system upgrades were carried out across our Chinese Mainland properties this year.
  • A variable-frequency motor was installed in a 2,000TR chiller at Taikoo Li Chengdu. This is expected to achieve annual energy savings of over 237,000kWh.
  • Taikoo Li Qiantan installed variable speed drives on six chilled water pumps to control the chilled water flow rate based on demand. This is estimated to create an annual reduction in pumping energy of 20,000kWh per year.
  • Taikoo Li Qiantan is also installing variable speed drives for primary air handling units (“PAUs”) and installing CO2 sensors at retail shops to optimise fresh air supply based on interior CO2 concentrations. This year, 19 PAUs were renovated, which will reduce energy consumption by about 547,000kWh per year.
  • Variable speed drives were installed in the fans of two cooling towers in Taikoo Hui Guangzhou. This will optimise the towers’ operations and save about 50,000kWh per year. Two more cooling towers are under renovation and are scheduled for completion in mid-2024.

EC Plug Fan Installation at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou

Electrically commutated (“EC”) plug fans were installed in five PAUs and 16 AHUs in Tower 1 at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou, creating estimated energy savings of 100,000kWh per year.

EC Plug Retrofits for Air Handling Units at Cityplaza

Beginning in early 2024, 15 traditional air handling unit (“AHU”) centrifugal fans will be replaced with advanced EC plug fans, improving their efficiency by 20% to 30%.

Energy Valve Pilot at Cityplaza and Citygate

Energy valves were installed at specific shops in the malls along with risers to enhance flow control and temperature control in chilled water. The valves will also gather performance data on the chilled water system for analysis and verification, ultimately improving the system’s energy performance.

Variable Speed Drives in Chilled Water Pumps at Three Pacific Place

Variable speed drives were installed in two chilled water pumps in the low chilled water zone, creating a new type of differential pressure control that will optimise the pumping system’s energy consumption. The estimated energy savings are 52,000kWh per year.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Optimisation at Pacific Place Mall

We replaced older timer controls with variable frequency drives in kitchen exhaust fans, allowing the fans to be operated at lower speeds during restaurants’ non-peak hours. This will reduce energy consumption by an estimated 157,000kWh per year.

Upgrading Two Mall Escalators in Pacific Place

Two mall escalators were modernised after being in service for 30 years. Both now have efficient drives and dual speed operation, whereby the escalators run slower when no passengers are present.

Air Duct Sealing at Cityplaza

A water-based aerosolised sealant made from vinyl acetate polymer was used to seal AHU supply air ducts at Cityplaza, reducing air leakage and energy usage and leading to estimated energy savings of 16% in associated fan energy.

Replacement of Neon Window Lighting with LED Lighting in Guest Rooms at The Upper House

A total of 602m of existing hotel guest room window neon lighting was replaced by LED lighting this year. LED lights consume far less energy than neon lighting, resulting in an annual savings of 44,300kWh in Phase 1 of the project.

The Upper House Electric House Car

In mid-July, the hotel acquired a new electric car for airport transfers, car hire and drop-off services. The new car will reduce transportation expenses and carbon emissions and will help promote our SD strategy among high-profile guests.