Release Notes

big changes
  • add VueScrollEffect for new v-ef-scroll lib.
  • pre-installed v-ef-scroll plugin
  • remove scrollmagic and use gsap/ScrollTrigger
  • improve scroll , parallax , class function to achieve scroll effect better.
  • disable Nuxt Telemetry to collect anonymous telemetry data about general usage.
  • i18n use zh-cn and zh-hk instead of sc and tc
  • nuxt upgrage to v2.14.5
  • move :export function to export file from variables.scss
new features
  • enable send_page_view in google gtag module
  • add mixins/share.js for share function, includes facebook, whatsapp, linkedin.
  • add InlineSVG Component
bug fix
  • fix ScrollEffect delay tween function
  • fix linter autofix function for VSCode
new feature
  • add v-ef-scroll-once for ScrollEffect Lib
  • add RatioImage component (but without doc, should be added in next version)
  • loading page function (default disable)
  • disable SmoothScroll on IE 11 browser
  • update meta preset title, content, and add http-equiv
  • add back to components list link in each component doc
  • update style files
bug fix
  • fixed router plugin => auto redirect to prefix url (not only en default case)
  • reduce bundle size: compact language files, remove unessary library js
  • change language file from .js to .json format
  • add @nuxtjs/sitemap
  • add Modernizr
  • add smoothscroll-polyfill
  • add .nuxtignore to prevent build in production
  • update doc structure, add index to list all components
  • update responsive structure, use css display: none; to hide element if it is not between the specified range
  • add GA event push mixin
  • allow GA custom script
  • add 404 error page (which includes 500)
  • meta add keywords and image encodeURI function
  • i18n set default prefix_and_default , and 301 redirect to default locale
  • i18n set detectBrowserLanguage to true
  • add built-in-features mixin
Minor Update
  • ScrollEffect trigger hook set to 0.95 from 0.9
  • update VSCode ESLint config